YUvote Election Guidelines

YUvote is York University's online voting system. It allows you to vote regardless of location all you need is an internet connection. It is used for all college and faculty government election. The system for your convenience.

How to Request an YUvote Election

The YUvote system - is administered by Student Community and Leadership Development  utilizes student numbers and Passport York id's to allow voting.

It is confidential, and all information is secure and has restricted access.

SCLD will set up the YUvote election. However, it is the requester's responsibility to handle all other administrative details such as notifying eligible voters about an election and composing notification messages.

To Request An Election

  1. Download the YUvoteBallot and fill in the appropriate parts of the form as indicated. An example ballot is included as well.
  2. Identify who the eligible voters are.
  3. Submit the ballot and voters list a minimum of 5 business days before you’d like the election to begin to ero@yorku.ca.
  4. Once the election is uploaded to the YUvote system, you will be asked to review screenshots to verify the accuracy of the ballot. Before the election can begin, you must verify the accuracy of the ballot in writing.

After the election, official election results will be emailed to election administrators whose email addresses have been provided in the ballot submitted to ero@yorku.ca. Election results will be automatically deleted from the YUvote system 180 days after the election's closing date.  

What If I Want To Make Changes To A Requested Election?

If there are any changes to the election (ie. changes to the question being voted on; addition to / deletion of voters from the voters list; etc.) the election start date may be delayed by up to 24 hours (see ‘Timelines for Changes to Elections’ below).

Questions and requests for changes to a ballot must be made in writing to ero@yorku.ca. This ensures that such requests are clearly articulated and understood. Verbal requests for changes are insufficient.

Once an election has started, all questions/comments from voters should be directed to the organization who requested the election.In addition, changes requested after the election has started will result in the election being stopped and all votes cast being deleted.

Timelines To Changes For Elections

Up to one business day before beginning of election:

  • If the election has already been approved, minor change requests to the ballot can be accommodated provided that the voter list has been already processed. The election start date & time will not change.  

Less than one business day before beginning of election:

  • Simple changes such add/remove a choice or some choices for a question can be accommodated so long as any newly added answers can be listed at the end of the existing list of possible answers. No change to election start date & time.
  • Corrections to typographic errors. No change to election start date & time.
  • Complex changes, such as changing the order of questions or candidates or responses. Postpones the election by 24 hours.

General Use Policy and Disclaimer

By agreeing to the General Use Policy and Disclaimer, the voter acknowledges the following general policies that govern YUVote:

  • The election and/or referenda questions are being conducted electronically through an online voting system.
  • Election results will be tabulated electronically by the YUvote system.
  • The auditing procedure for an YUvote election/referenda will contain only my student or employee number and the date and time that I successfully completed my vote.
  • Although some information may be provided to voters through YUvote, as a person voting in this election and/or referenda, I understand it is my responsibility to inform myself about the candidates running for these elections or questions posed for the referenda.
  • Students voting in a student election and/or referenda agree that any and all complaints about student election/referenda shall be brought to the attention of the Chief Returning Officer of that election/referenda.